Ever wonder what Innovation is? AEDC-MS defines “Innovation” as meaningful and unique solutions to problems and opportunities. An innovation culture is the best primary driver of growth in business. Manufacturers must continually innovate – develop new products, adopt new technologies, and improve manufacturing processes – in order to retain current customers, increase profitability, and expand into new markets. Innovation is vital for survival and success.

Benefits From Growth & Innovation Services
  • Build A Creative Culture
  • Double the Profit Margins Compared To Companies that Don’t Innovate
  • Increase New Product Development Success
  • Instant Export Credibility in the International Community
  • 20-40% Revenue Growth
  • Improve Competitive Position
  • 26% Increase in Market Value of Your Company
Growth & Innovation Tools
How can you get started?

Contact Manufacturing Solutions with a question or call to setup a time to discuss your growth & innovation needs. For general information about our Growth & Innovation Services, please contact AEDC-MS at 501-682-1179, or via email.

Success Story

Company:  Rockline Industries

  • 69% improvement in production time in 3 months
  • 56% reduction in waste within 3 months
  • 16 senior leaders, 8 shift leaders trained and 6 workstations using Kata

The training provided by AMS has been very impactful. We are able to reach our sales demands on time with the accuracy expected, sustain the improvements desired, and grow our trained staff to optimize our available capacity.

Mark ClarkeRockline Industries
Director of Manufacturing