The Technology Transfer Assistance Grant Program (TTAG) assists Arkansas’ enterprises in developing or improving products or processes through the transfer of technical solutions to technology-based, industry-driven problems, thus enhancing that enterprise’s market competitiveness.

Program Description

The Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC) provides limited financial support for the transfer and deployment of innovative technology. AEDC will fund up to $3,750 of costs associated with transferring new or existing technology from a qualified applicant — such as a public or private enterprise, laboratory, college or university — to an enterprise based in Arkansas. Up to $5,000 of total project costs will be considered, with the first $2,500 funded by the Authority; the remaining $2,500 is cost-shared equally (50:50) between the Authority and the enterprise. Each enterprise is eligible to receive assistance for two technology transfer projects per year. Projects are evaluated on a competitive basis.

Eligible Users

AEDC defines eligibility as broadly as possible to encourage submissions that reflect the greatest potential for project success. Qualified eligible applicants include one or more technology transfer resource providers who possess or have the capability to locate innovative technology to transfer to a specific Arkansas-based enterprise.

Technology transfer resource provider” means any public or private Arkansas-based

enterprise, college or university, or laboratory that has the capability to

identify and transfer innovative technology.

How to Participate

All qualified applicants must complete the on-line application at the link below. The application must address the transfer of innovative technology from a qualified Resource Provider to an Arkansas based enterprise.


Projects will be evaluated by AEDC on every other Thursday (see schedule below). Evaluation criteria include the demonstration of support resources available to ensure probable project success, as well as technical and commercial feasibility of the project. The project must have a time frame of no longer than 90 days.

How to Use a TTAG

Schedule of TTAG Meeting Dates

Application Deadline: Applications must be submitted by the Friday before the meeting in which they are to be reviewed. Meetings occur every two weeks and address all applications submitted prior to the meeting.

Rules, Guidelines and Form

The following forms are pdf documents and require the free Adobe Reader to view or print.


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