• Does the cost of bringing customized, on-site training to your business keep you from doing it?
  • Is it nearly impossible to plan the downtown to host a training?
  • Is it hard to find training that is flexible, scalable, and relevant to your business needs?
Online Self-Paced Tools

Maintain a competitive workforce and grow your organization with help from our training partner, Online Learningincluding access to an extensive library of over 500 online classes. Raise quality. Boost productivity. On-board faster. Whether you’re a Fortune 500® company — or just want to perform like one — together, we can develop a program that makes a bottom-line difference: analyze needs, design a flexible solution, streamline implementation, and measure results.

Tooling U-SME

Online TrainingArkansas Manufacturing Solutions has partnered with Tooling U-SME, an online training provider, to off-set the cost of bringing high-quality, customized, on-site training to manufacturers. More than 500 unique online classes provide a broad offering of manufacturing training topics. Plus, every online class has been reviewed and validated by industry experts.  Browse a list of all courses here.

We recognize that your organization is facing new challenges in 2020.  There is a user-friendly app available for tablets and phones so classes can be taken anywhere. As your training partner, we are here to provide the support, set-up, implementation, and reporting that are part of the Tooling U-SME solution.

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  • Assembly

  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics

  • Composites

  • Engineering

  • PLC

  • Machining

  • Maintenance

  • Plastics Processing

  • Quality Foundations

  • Lean Manufacturing

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