Covid Resources for Arkansas Manufacturers

The MEP COVID Assistance Project (MCAP) Program provides limited financial support for the transfer and deployment of COVID related assessments to Arkansas manufacturers in the areas of Healthy Workplace, CyberSecurity, Supply Chain and Technology.

MCAP awards are made to the resource provider. The resource provider must possess the capability to assess compliance and implementation needs and transfer it to a specific Arkansas manufacturers.

In order to leverage limited grant funds to the greatest extent possible, the total maximum funding available is $5,000 per project. The program will pay 100% of the cost for the assessment up to the maximum limit.

The resource provider should work with the company to complete all questions on the application form. The resource provider agrees to provide the stated services to the enterprise and the enterprise agrees to respond to up to two post-project surveys within 24 months from the project’s completion. The surveys are necessary to document the results and impacts of the project to AEDC stakeholders. The applicant should not submit any confidential or proprietary information unless so marked. The resource provider is required to submit a final project report to the Division no later than 30 days after completion of the project. Failure to meet these requirements could impact future funding consideration.

All MCAP Applications must be reviewed by the MCAP Review Committee prior to starting work. Once approved an email will be sent to the third-party provider and the company acknowledging it is okay to start work.

How can you get started?

Complete this online application: Link to Application

We contacted AEDCMS with the intent to train new employees and refresh some of our older employees on the fundamentals of Lean Mfg. As a result we have reduced our overtime hours to 9% with the goal of 5% or less still in reach.   We are very excited here at Cram-A-Lot® about seeing this project come together and achieving our company goals while expanding the use of Kata and other Lean principles throughout our organization.

Jeff Givens – JV Manufacturing