Building the Next Generation of Modern Manufacturers Starts with MFG Day

Did you know 35 percent of students engaged in career and technical education (CTE) have no contact with potential future employers, according to a ? This represents a huge opportunity for manufacturers to connect with students who are already in the process of equipping themselves with the skills they need to join the modern manufacturing team.

Manufacturing Day, meant to inspire and recruit the next generation of manufacturers, is the perfect time to make that connection happen as students near graduation and contemplate their first forays into the professional job market.

Moreover, 63 percent of students enrolled in CTE courses see their own interests and experiences as the biggest influences in their career pathway but only 12 percent have experienced site visits like those offered through MFG Day. Since plant tours open to students are rare, the opportunity offered by MFG Day is all the more important. MFG Day is many students’ best shot at seeing what modern manufacturing really looks like, giving them a memorable experience that could inspire them to pursue careers in the industry.

If we’re going to address manufacturers’ growing need for a new generation of skilled workers, parents, teachers and future employers must all come together to engage students enrolled in CTE courses and give them first-hand exposure to modern manufacturing.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re a manufacturer in search of talent, do your part and commit to hosting an MFG Day event today.