Mr. Burgess states: “Our first product was exported over 40 years ago.” However, Power Tehcnology was looking to expand into the Asian market and was needing help identifying which countries would be best to work with. Also, they were in the need of a practical, mature business plan that would lead them through this new endeavor.


William Burgess, Vice President of Operation at Power Technology participated in Manufacturing Solution’s ExporTech workshops. Through these workshops PowerTechnology was able to identify 4 countries they should focus on. They also developed a practical and mature business plan that was peer-reviewed.

Currently, Power Technology Inc. is partnered with over a dozen international distributors to promote products to foreign markets; the ongoing growth of exports is a prime focus for future growth. With distribution agreements in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Israel, Japan, South Africa, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan, Power Technology has a solid, and growing, global presence.

  • Sales to South Korea has Increased by 70%
  • Development practical and mature business plan
  • Exports now directly support more than a quarter of the jobs at primary manufacturing facility

Company: Power Technology, Inc.

Power Technology Inc. was founded by Thomas Burgess, father of William Burgess, in 1969. Since then, they have been a driving force in the laser industry for over 40 years.

They have been designing, developing, and manufacturing a comprehensive range of laser products for scientific, biomedical, industrial, semiconductor inspection, machine vision, defense and security applications. Their laser modules are used for any number of OEM and research-based applications, including microscopy, display, spectroscopy, holography, laser-induced fluorescence, flow cytometry, and high-resolution printing.

It (ExporTech) provided us a means to develop a practical and mature business plan that was peer-reviewed. This allowed us to fill any gaps in the plan.

William Burgess – Power Technology