The improvements from these projects allowed EMS to continue to grow sales and profitability.

Dennis Miles Jr – Electronic Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.

We developed a great partnership with AEDC Manufacturing Solutions and appreciate their commitment to assist us meet several employee development and training goals. The evidence is in staff’s ability to perform effective internal audits, maintain our QMS (Quality Management System) and implement continual improvements in our operations. We value AEDC’s expertise and professional approach to preparing our employees to meet the demands of our new growth opportunities.

Anthony Norris – Worldwide Label and Packaging

We contacted AEDCMS with the intent to train new employees and refresh some of our older employees on the fundamentals of Lean Mfg. As a result we have reduced our overtime hours to 9% with the goal of 5% or less still in reach.   We are very excited here at Cram-A-Lot® about seeing this project come together and achieving our company goals while expanding the use of Kata and other Lean principles throughout our organization.

Jeff Givens – JV Manufacturing

The ExporTech series of instruction this past spring has been invaluable to our business.  The expert leadership and the networking with other participants has truly helped to enhance our export marketing skills.  We learned how to prioritize markets geographically and also, with the additional assistance of another participating company, how to revamp our website to not only attract potential customers but also insure optimal communication.  I would highly recommend this instruction series to anyone who is interested in broadening their marketing skills in the international arena.

John Sinclair – Lycus Ltd.

It (ExporTech) provided us a means to develop a practical and mature business plan that was peer-reviewed. This allowed us to fill any gaps in the plan.

William Burgess – Power Technology

The help provided by AEDC-MS came at a critical time in our company’s development.  Their influence has been significant and continues even today as we are dealing with extraordinary growth.  We are grateful that they were there to help us.

Becky FosterIntimidator, Inc.

Working with Manufacturing Solutions to secure funding for our power quality monitor helped us identify where corrective measures should be put in place. This power quality monitor allowed us to make our workplace a safer place while generating cost savings along the way.

Lee WalkerCentral Moloney
Training Manager

The Arkansas Manufacturing Solutions workshop was instrumental in helping our employees understand the value and importance of Lean Manufacturing. As a result, we have been able to make the necessary changes to our operations that will position us to more successfully meet our future growth demands.

Tony SupineCamfil Air Pollution Control
Plant Manager

The training provided by AMS has been very impactful. We are able to reach our sales demands on time with the accuracy expected, sustain the improvements desired, and grow our trained staff to optimize our available capacity.

Mark ClarkeRockline Industries
Director of Manufacturing

Engaging in the Manufacturing Solutions Innovation events allowed us to step outside of our comfort zone and create meaningful new products. My only regret is that we did not something like this sooner.

Jason RisnerAlliance Rubber
Strategic Marketing Manager