With the help of Manufacturing Solutions, InvoTek has received over 5 million dollars from 25 SBIR Grants allowing us to invent a broad range of innovative technologies which give people with severe disabilities the ability to live more independently.

Thomas JakobsInvoTek

… most impactful we have ever done. We are able to reach our sales demands on time with the accuracy expected, sustain the improvements desired, and grow our trained staff to help overcome our capacity issues.

Mark ClarkeMark Clarke
Director of Manufacturing

CoreValue has helped us to prioritize where to put our efforts to most effectively strengthen the company using an unbiased systematic approach.

Flemming TinkerAperture Optical Services
President & Founder

E3 is about much more than just saving the company money and energy. The impact reaches far beyond energy, dollars or the environment. It is about people and community.

Linda JordanUEMC

Due to Manufacturing Solutions, JM Eagle’s embracing and leveraging of Continuous Improvement they have risen from the bottom of the ranks among JM Eagle plants to the top, saving nearly $5MM per year now.

Chad SmithCI Solutions

The training and guidance we received from Manufacturing Solutions opened the eyes of our supervisors and managers to see the waste and attack it. Through knowledge and practice of these new concepts, we were able to improve our OEE in just one year.

Rod AldersonPackaging Specialties
Production/Plant Manager

We had a very positive experience with Manufacturing Solutions. The ISO Certification process can be complex, but our Manufacturing Solutions Project Manager worked closely with us from start to finish.

Jarrod KreppsAerotech

Our entire team was involved and challenged, and we came away with a very workable road map on how to improve our supply chain. Overall, the program was well worth our investment.

John KingSealed Air Corporation