Central Moloney faces challenges of a competitive market, changing costs of material to build our product and the challenge of producing a quality product with longevity at a cost effective price for our customers.  Fear that the power quality being fed into the facility may not be adequate to enable the sensitive machines to continue to operate reliably and without failure.


There has been a history of minor unexplained outages that Central Moloney are hoping to pinpoint that will help keep the facility running efficiently, reliably and safely without costly failures in the future. Central Moloney successfully applied for Arkansas Economic Development Commission’s Technology Transfer Assistance Grant and was able to hire Arkansas’ largest heavy industrial electrical contractor to install a Fluke power quality monitor for 3-5 days to monitor for power quality, power factor, and other transients. Once complete, extract the data from the meter to be analyzed and make further recommendations based upon the findings. Such fixes included, but not limited to, capacitors, power quality filters and other corrective measures.

  • $48,000 Cost Savings
  • Increased/Retained 3-5 Jobs
  • $+10,000 Training Investment

Company: Central Moloney

For almost 40 years, Central Moloney Components has led the industry with innovative products to improve the quality and reliability of electrical power equipment. In the mid 1980’s Central Moloney Components was the first to introduce thermoplastic primary and secondary bushings to the transformer industry. The success of these bushings led to a complete transformation of these products utilizing advanced thermoplastic technology. A range of manufacturing processes, including polymer casting, transfer molding, pressure gelation, and thermoplastic injection molding allows extreme versatility in meeting customer’s needs.

Working with Manufacturing Solutions to secure funding for our power quality monitor helped us identify where corrective measures should be put in place. This power quality monitor allowed us to make our workplace a safer place while generating cost savings along the way.

Lee WalkerCentral Moloney
Training Manager